Export & Return


Export and return

Are you bringing goods in or out of EU/UK customs territory?

If so, under EU/UK legislation, these will be subject to risk assessment and customs control, regardless of their final destination.

This means that even where a customs declaration is not required, formalities must be observed. Otherwise, you risk facing serious consequences such as fines or asset arrest.

Examples of where formalities are required include:

  • End/beginning of season departures or returns.
  • Movements related to works to be completed on the asset outside the customs territory.
  • Free circulation assets which have been temporarily out of the EU/UK.


Where Y & A Group, LP help

We handle all your yacht and aircraft tax compliance in relation to departures and returns in the EU/UK. If you’re an owner, manager or operator you can therefore relax knowing your asset’s movements are always safely managed.

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