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If you’re planning a big yacht or aviation project, VAT is going to be a huge part of day-to-day costs.

Examples where VAT invoices might be raised include:

  • Labour
  • Components
  • Sub-contracted supplies
  • Supplies moved across borders
  • Goods – whether they’re sourced within or outside the EU
  • Stored, installed or goods consumed

To complicate matters, many of your transactions will encounter several VAT, Customs and Excise procedures on their journey. And this doesn’t even consider the tax consequences of “owner’s supplies.”

All the above means you need an experienced VAT expert on board. Both to make sure you’re fully tax compliant, and that you’re also claiming due deductions and refunds.


How Y & A Group, LP help

As specialist customs and VAT consultants, Y & A Group, LP understand every aspect of yacht and aviation taxation. We’re therefore perfectly positioned to safely assess all your transactions to make sure that where tax is charged it is actually due.

Also, where the rules allow, we determine where chargeable tax can be reduced, deferred, recovered or eliminated.

In doing so, you can relax, knowing your asset or project’s taxation affairs are always professionally managed, secure and cost-efficient.

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