Litigation services


Litigation services

Falling victim to litigation can cause huge amounts of stress and disruption. Especially as the EU and UK Customs and VAT systems can range from straightforward, to complex with potentially serious penalties. These might include prosecution.

If you or your client have unfortunately found yourself in such a position, get in touch. As expert VAT and Customs consultants, we’ll make sure you receive all the professional advice and support you need.

How Y & A Group, LP help

Y & A Group, LP act as a protective buffer between you – the taxpayer, and the tax authority. We achieve this by:

  • Representing you
  • Attending meetings on your behalf
  • Preparing appropriate reports
  • Addressing technical tax matters such as liability, interest and penalty assessments
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Preparing appeals

In addition to this, we are experienced in working alongside specialist tax investigation solicitors. You’re therefore protected by the benefits of two professional disciplines. All whilst being kept informed every step of the way.

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