VAT Registration


VAT registration explained

When using your yacht or aircraft for business purposes, VAT registration is a statutory, tax compliance obligation.

This is because it provides you with unique identifiers and reference numbers with which to interact with tax authorities. These are both for when you’re paying taxes and for when you’re claiming refunds.

Your VAT registration can be in multiple countries, in accordance with where you want to embark your clients. However, it must be cohesive across the EU for available VAT exemptions and deductions to apply.

In addition to this, your yacht or aircraft might need a specific registration status to access certain import duty reliefs.

All the above are obligatory and must be fully compliant.


How Y & A Group, LP help

Yachting and aviation VAT registration is complex. However, as a statutory obligation, it is also essential you get it right. This means every aspect of your registration safely coordinated and fit for purpose.

As experts in the field, Y & A Group, LP are here to help. This is because we have all the specialist knowledge and experience you need to achieve safe asset registrations internationally.

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