Representation explained

The essence of the Single Market coupled with other mechanisms amongst member states, means any EU tax authority’s view of a client’s business records is necessarily wide.

Records must therefore be immaculately kept and produced on demand.

“We pride ourselves on providing an excellent, stream-lined and comprehensive client tax risk management service across the EU and the UK.”

Ayuk Ntuiabane.


Where Y & A Group, LP help

As your yacht and aviation business’ overall fiscal partner, we provide unsurpassed representation.

This means that where you need to produce tax operation records, you can relax knowing they’re securely and professionally coordinated.

Y & A Group, LP achieve this via our own software, plus access to your own digital records. This enables us to easily create, view, edit and report your activity data with country fiscal representatives and tax authorities.

This means you achieve a fully compliant, stream-lined tax operation, as opposed to un-coordinated declarations in individual countries.

Y & A Group, LP. Keeping your tax operation records safe and compliant at all times.

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