Structuring explained

Structuring refers to the legal way you organise, manage and therefore predict your asset’s tax burden.

This makes it an essential requirement if you own or manage a yacht or aircraft. The reason for this is because VAT comprises a large part of a yacht or aircraft’s cost, or the cost of using it for business.

In addition to this, when financing yachts and aircraft, banks require legal opinions on the borrower and the borrower’s structure. This is to help them gain a rounded view of the security asset’s tax status. It’s also another reason why you need to get your structure right.

Structuring is best initiated as soon as you own or begin to use your asset.

How Y & A Group, LP help

If you’re a yacht or aircraft owner or manager, obtaining specialist VAT structuring advice is essential. Our expert services therefore advise on everything from what legal entity to use, to unique VAT registration patterns. These can be for across the EU Single Market or a single country.

At Y & A Group, LP our expert advisory service involves the following. These all help you avoid penalties and understand how and where to expect taxation risks.

  • Analysing your personal circumstances and that of your asset.
  • Looking at how you plan to use it, including any financial operations involved across countries.
  • Breaking down any complexities.
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