Health Check


Health Check Explained

Is your yachting and aviation structure taxation up to date, or does it need a health check?

Yachting and aviation businesses don’t remain static. Business patterns change all the time. For example, you might secure a new asset or start a new activity. There might simply be a change of terms and conditions in your supplier or client business deals.

However, though changes are inevitable, it’s also essential your structures and operations change with them. If not, they can become vulnerable to subsequent law changes.


How Y & A Group, LP help

If your business has responded to an environmental change, but your structure hasn’t, it’s time to seek advice.

Our health check service reviews your structures and arrangements. In doing so we identify inherent strengths and weaknesses and feed these back to you.

The purpose of this is to put you in a better place to adapt to developments, so your VAT objectives always stay on track.

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