Customs & VAT Advisory


Planning a yacht or aircraft transaction? If so, we’re here to provide you with all the specialist Customs and VAT advice you need.

From buying and selling to importing or financing, if you’re operating across borders, specific duty and VAT obligations will apply. Transactions also take place if you’re chartering, renovating, storing or in any other way using your yacht or aircraft.

In all cases, if you’re operating in the EU or UK locality, our specialist advisory service is tailored to suit your every need.

Even if you’re outside these jurisdictions, our comprehensive understanding means we deal with global VAT, Customs and Excise Duty issues too.

In addition to this, though we always recommend you take pre-transaction advice, Y & A Group, LP can still offer solutions if you need support post-transaction.

Whatever your transaction requirements, Y & A Group, LP understand relevant legislation inside-out. This means you can always safely rely upon our advisory service to deliver on:

  • Reducing VAT and duty costs
  • Simplifying procedures
  • Ensuring compliance
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