How We’ve Misunderstood Returned Goods Relief for Yachts Entering the Med

The relief procedure can save yacht owners and EU Customs plenty of time, hassle, and money. Why have non-EU flagged […]

Substance over form

The concept of ‘substance over form’ in value added tax (VAT) allows certain rights to be exercised if the substantive […]

So, you are being investigated for tax?

Several individuals and businesses in the yachting and aviation sectors will find themselves subject to a tax investigation without there […]

How to size up the financial risk of acting as an indirect customs representative?

Acting as an indirect customs representative for clients is a tricky business at the best of times. The role means […]

Did you say Temporary Admission?

From what the European Commission’s Customs Code Committee (CCC) told the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in 2014, you would […]

Can customs status be lost?

Customs status is the status of goods as EU or non-EU goods. The distinction matters for a yacht because it […]

How much should we care that there’s Brexit now?

Brexit is the true old live story. Its effects are the new reality, our imposed boon companion. The UK ceased […]

Why do you say Customs Duty and VAT in one breath?

Customs and VAT tend to be said in one breath, but they are in fact different taxes interacting within a […]

What is the EU Trinity of Indirect Taxation?

‘Indirect taxation’ in the European Union (EU) comprises customs duties, excise duties and VAT. These are the harmonised taxes whose […]

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